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Best places for your sleep on Ha Giang loop

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Allow me to introduce you to Ha Giang's top 5 exceptional hostels, each offering a unique experience for travelers embarking on the captivating Ha Giang Loop adventure:

1. Ha Giang Amazing Hostel

  • Address: 123A Ly Thuong Kiet, Ngoc Ha, Ha Giang City
  • Description: Ha Giang Amazing Hostel is a cherished choice among visitors, conveniently nestled in Ha Giang city. Featuring 32 well-appointed rooms, it provides complimentary Wi-Fi, TV, laundry amenities, and expert assistance with tour arrangements. Moreover, they offer Ha Giang motorbike rentals, serving as an ideal starting point for your Ha Giang exploration.

2. Odyssey Hostel, Tours & Motorbikes Rental

  • Address: Hà Giang
  • Description: Odyssey Hostel, Tours & Motorbikes Rental is located in Ha Giang, boasting an outdoor swimming pool, a lush garden, and a serene terrace. With a remarkable rating of 9.7, it's highly esteemed by guests. Prices start at VND 130,000 per night, making it an excellent choice for a memorable stay.

3. Lotus Hostel Motorbikes and Tours

  • Address: Hà Giang
  • Description: Lotus Hostel Motorbikes and Tours is a delightful accommodation in Ha Giang, offering a garden, shared lounge, a charming terrace, and an on-site restaurant. With a rating of 9.1, it's known for its excellent service and starts at VND 185,000 per night.

4. Bong Hostel and Motorbike Tour

  • Address: Hà Giang
  • Description: Located in Ha Giang city, Bong Ha Giang Hostel features a welcoming bar and a scenic patio. It boasts a superb rating of 9.4, with prices starting at VND 133,000 per night.

5. Hong Hao 2 Hostel & Motorbikes & TOURS

  • Address: Hà Giang
  • Description: Hong Hao 2 Hostel & Motorbikes & TOURS offers comfortable accommodation in Ha Giang. They provide a shared kitchen, a cozy shared lounge, and organize engaging tours for guests. With a rating of 9.3, it's a budget-friendly option, with prices starting at VND 108,000 per night.

These hostels promise an unforgettable experience while exploring the mesmerizing Ha Giang Loop. Each offers distinct amenities and a warm welcome to travelers seeking adventure in this picturesque region.


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