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Download National Geographic Look and See (3 Levels) 2021

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Download National Geographic Look and See (3 Levels) 2021

Look and See by National Geographic Learning is a pioneering educational series tailored for extremely young English learners. With three levels, it targets pre-primary and absolute beginner levels, providing a thorough and engaging learning journey. The series is crafted by Susannah Reed, a seasoned author and educational consultant with expertise in primary and pre-primary ELT resources.

Key Features of “Look and See”

Age-Appropriate Topics: The series encompasses a variety of real-world subject areas, presenting them in a manner suitable for young learners' comprehension levels.

National Geographic Photo Ark: Harnesses captivating and educational content from the National Geographic Photo Ark, established by photographer Joel Sartore, to raise awareness about endangered animals and instill environmental consciousness among children.

Integrated Learning Approach: Integrates play, learning, creation, and connection, incorporating games, songs, and value activities to encourage teamwork, curiosity, and comprehension.

Strong Language Foundation: Emphasizes phonemic awareness, grammar, and prewriting exercises to lay a solid foundation for reading and writing skills.

Comprehensive Teaching Support: Provides comprehensive lesson plans, supplementary teaching materials, and digital classroom presentation tools to support educators.

Interactive Learning: Includes videos depicting real-world scenarios and projects that promote interactive learning and creativity.

Contextualized Vocabulary and Grammar: Introduces grammar structures through game-based presentations and teaches vocabulary relevant to learners' experiences.

Diverse Learning Materials: Offers a range of materials for students, such as the Student's Book with access to the Spark platform, Activity Book, etc., and for teachers, resources like the Teacher's Book, Flashcards, Big Book Anthology, and Spark platform access.

Spark Platform: An integrated digital platform facilitating course management, teaching, assessment, and online practice, enabling efficient class setup, student rostering, and performance tracking.

Engaging Content: Engages students with alphabet presentations for teaching letters and sounds and explores cross-curricular topics through multimedia content.

Project-Based Learning: Concludes each unit with projects that allow students to showcase their understanding and skills.

Who is suitable for ‘Look and See’?

"Look and See" by National Geographic Learning is specifically tailored for very young English learners and is particularly suitable for:

Pre-Primary Learners: It caters to children in the pre-primary age group, making it an excellent choice for kindergartens or early learning centers.

True Beginners in English: The series is designed for children who are just starting to learn English, regardless of their native language.

Young Learners with Diverse Learning Styles: With its variety of visual, auditory, and kinesthetic activities such as games, songs, and projects, it accommodates different learning styles.

Students Interested in Global Awareness and Nature: Featuring content from the National Geographic Photo Ark and focusing on real-world subject areas, it appeals to young learners interested in animals, nature, and global topics.

Classrooms Focusing on Interactive and Collaborative Learning: The series emphasizes collaboration, teamwork, and interactive learning, making it suitable for classrooms that prioritize these educational approaches.

Educators Seeking Comprehensive Teaching Resources: Teachers seeking a structured curriculum with extensive teaching resources, including digital tools, will find "Look and See" beneficial.

Schools with a Focus on Early Language and Literacy Development: Its emphasis on phonemic awareness, prewriting practice, and grammar preparation makes it suitable for educational settings that prioritize early language acquisition and literacy skills.

In summary, "Look and See" is ideal for young, novice English learners in pre-primary educational settings who benefit from a multisensory, interactive approach to learning. It also provides comprehensive support for teachers seeking a well-structured program.

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