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Download National Geographic Time Zones 3rd Edition (5 Levels) 2021

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Download National Geographic Time Zones 3rd Edition (5 Levels) 2021

Time Zones, Third Edition published by National Geographic Learning is a comprehensive educational material tailored for secondary and teenage learners. It consists of five levels ranging from true beginner to pre-intermediate, specifically tailored for American English learners. The edition is organized to fit within a schedule of up to four teaching hours per week.

Key Features

Engaging Content: "Time Zones, Third Edition" offers captivating content through stunning photography, updated videos, and captivating narratives of individuals worldwide, encouraging students to explore the world using English.

Authors: Nicholas Beare, Ian Purdon, Jennifer Wilkin, and David Bohlke bring their extensive expertise in English Language Teaching and materials development to the edition.

Student and Teacher Resources:

For students: The Student’s Book with Spark platform, Workbook, Combo Split, and more.

For teachers: The Teacher’s Book, Spark Platform, ExamView Assessment Suite, and supplementary resources.

Spark Platform: This integrated platform enriches learning and teaching by providing tools for course management, tracking class performance, and a range of teaching aids.

New Edition Enhancements:

Expanded array of videos and exercises for grammar and vocabulary.

Clear unit objectives and review tasks to enhance learner autonomy.

Diverse audio recordings featuring various international accents.

Updated technological resources.

Expanded Starter Combo level catering to absolute beginners.

Series Features:

Themes: Explore the World, People and Places, The Natural World, History and Culture, Science and Technology.

Skills Development: Emphasis on global awareness, critical thinking, visual literacy, communication, and collaboration.

Engagement and Support: Structured lessons, ample practice opportunities, and teacher assistance.

Overall Approach: The series aims to integrate the world into the classroom and vice versa, utilizing National Geographic and TED resources to create an inspiring, authentic, and relevant learning atmosphere.

Therefore, "Time Zones, Third Edition" serves as a comprehensive educational tool, not only teaching English but also expanding students' global outlook and critical thinking abilities.

Who is suitable for ‘Time Zones Third Edition’?

"Time Zones, Third Edition" is tailored to various groups:

Secondary School Teenagers: Specifically crafted for students in secondary education, particularly teenagers, who benefit from the engaging content blending language learning with cultural exploration.

English Language Learners: Ideal for those learning English as a foreign or second language, spanning from true beginners to pre-intermediate levels, offering accessible yet challenging material.

Students Interested in Global Issues: Utilizing National Geographic and TED resources, it appeals to students curious about the world, covering diverse topics such as culture, history, science, and technology.

Learners Seeking Comprehensive Skill Development: Emphasizing critical thinking, visual literacy, communication, and collaboration alongside language proficiency, it suits those pursuing a holistic educational experience.

Educators and Institutions: Offers a well-structured curriculum with diverse teaching and assessment tools, benefiting teachers and educational institutions seeking an engaging program.

Programs with Limited Teaching Hours: Designed to be effective within four teaching hours per week, it fits well into programs with constrained classroom time.

Students Preferring Blended Learning Environments: Integration of the Spark platform caters to learners who excel in environments blending traditional classroom methods with digital resources.

In conclusion, "Time Zones, Third Edition" accommodates a diverse range of learners, particularly teenagers in secondary education, from beginner to pre-intermediate English proficiency levels, with an interest in global themes and multimedia learning resources.

View more: https://eltebook.com/time-zones-3rd-edition/

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