How to hide Real Number on Google

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How to hide Real Number on Google

A Google Voice Number is a phone number allotted to all Google users to make and receive phone calls.

You can call any Google Voice number with the help of a perfectly working internet connection and a Google account.

Many of us usually have this doubt: does Google Voice hide your real number? Well, if you have this query, then the following points will help you immediately.

Google Voice Number

The below mentioned points will help you get a better picture of the Google Voice Number;

  • Yes, Google does hide your real number.
  • If you are receiving a call from a Google Voice number, it won’t display their official number, whereas the Google Voice number will be displayed.
  • If you want, you can view their contact information like their email address and the details they have allowed others to see, but you cannot view their official number.
  • It will be the same scenario when you are making a phone call from your Google Voice number.

Henceforth, the points listed above will help you understand the topic briefly, and you can figure out whether your real number is safe while you are calling from your Google Voice number.

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