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Preparation for Tet holiday

Preparation for Tet holiday in Vietnam

Preparation for Tet holiday in Vietnam If the birthday party or wedding ceremony is considered the happiest day, of days in the year, Tet holiday is the largest even. Therefore, people here and there make a pilgrimage like a stream to prepare for the warm and cozy Tet. The hustle and bustle ambiance covers the whole country. In the lofty cities, many red banners and “Happy New Year” motto are put on the gates of the Corp, factories, buildings and big trees as well. A great number of people stand in a queue on the pavement for calligraphy pictures receiving. Besides, mothers take children to the shopping centers to buy new clothes and candies and other essentials for New Year’s Eve and the first year days. Adults are full of fun for meeting again the family, relative, neighbor after a hard-working year far away from the country; children desperate for dressing up, receiving lucky money and playing with a bunch of colorful balloons.  

 Preparation for Tet holiday in countrysides is also a vivid picture. The spacious lands make room for the markets with an impressive array of queues such as Phrynium for making Chung cake, dried bamboo shoots, dried candied fruits, pork, and beef, so and so. Annually, heads of villages report each household to clean the paths, cut down the brushwood in a way in and out the villages. Children tide up the windows, yards, front and behind areas of the house while fathers renew interior and exterior things. All things are done as clean as possible because there is a taboo when it comes to the new year. No cleaning, no sweeping in the first days because it is believed not to bring the good luck to anyone who does that.

 Hundred of blooming flowers to welcome a new year and Spring. There is a subtle difference between the North and the South in terms of a symbolic flower. Peach blossom represents the North with the pristine beauty and prosperity while apricot blossom does the same to the South. Each of them has perfume and beauty in its own right. Additionally, Tet holiday can’t be lack Kumquat tree, chrysanthemum, Gerbera for longevity and permanence. The flower is the love of life. Therefore, they are indispensable on Tet holiday. Flowers such as rose, tulip, lotus, begonia always make us feel in high spirit, dispel stress and tiredness in our life. Today, many places in Vietnam choose to integrate Tet traditions from different cultures in the country or even around the world. With so many interesting practices to choose from, people can create the perfect Tet holiday.  

The indispensable foods for Tet holiday

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