Quick Method to Delete Duplicate Emails from Thunderbird Mailbox

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Quick Method to Delete Duplicate Emails from Thunderbird Mailbox

Mozilla created the free email application Thunderbird. It serves as the default email client for sending and receiving emails for many small enterprises and individual users. However, it occasionally replicates duplicate emails, which causes the inbox to grow in size. Thunderbird is sluggish as a result of the high mailbox capacity, which causes the user a lot of issues.

Duplicate emails might be received for a variety of reasons. Following are a few of them:

To remove duplicate emails from Thunderbird, you may either use a manual process or a third-party duplicate email removal program. To delete duplicate emails in this case, we'll employ both manual and third-party solutions.

In this case, the Remove Duplicate Messages add-on will be used. You may remove duplicate messages from Thunderbird with this add-on. Follow the steps listed below to complete this activity.

• Get Mozilla Thunderbird going.

• Select Add-ons under Tools in the tabbed menu.

• Click Add to Thunderbird after selecting Remove duplicate messages from the search results.

• Click the Add button when Thunderbird displays the message Add Remove Duplicate Messages?

• Restarting Thunderbird after installation is complete is a good idea.

• Go to the Tools menu and choose the Add-ons option to verify the add-on activation.

• Select the mail folder after returning to the main account.

• Remove duplicates by selecting it from the context menu of the right-clicked folder.

• The absence of duplicates will be shown via a popup notification. Information regarding duplicate communications will be displayed on a screen if you have any.

• Choose the duplicate messages you wish to remove.

• Select Delete by clicking the button.

Duplicate Thunderbird emails may be eliminated using this technique. A technical background is necessary for the manual solution, which is lengthy. Consider using the TrustVare MBOX Duplicate Remover Tool if you're looking for an easy approach to complete this work.

• The TrustVare MBOX Duplicate Remover Software may be downloaded and installed.

• Select the Load Default Thunderbird Directory option after starting the program.

• Choose the appropriate Match Filter for your needs.

• Give a place to save the new file by clicking the Browse button.

• The Remove Duplicate Emails button

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