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Overpopulation has impacted on nature

Overpopulation-Its cause and effect on nature

Obviously, the weather condition is getting worse and worse. Could it be the human’s error to change the whole world and nature? The earth size can’t grow further, but our population had continued growing rapidly. We need food to eat, water to drink and we cut down a tree for wood to build houses. In years gone by, we, human beings had not stopped explore the natural resource. It is the vital resources that we have used as if they are unlimited. Yet unmentioned is that we have been abusing too many pesticides and fungicide in the vegetable farms. And now we are suffering from some devastating consequences that we imposed on nature. 

 The weather has changed irregularly. Naturally, there are four seasons in the North of Vietnam, but we see, it seems to have two ones nowadays. On the one hand, we have incurred the scorching hot when it turns to Summer, on the other hand, we incurred the shivering cold when Winter arrives. In addition, the fauna and flora can’t adapt immediately to the living environment. As a result, the number of those has gone down remarkably both in nature and in the livestock farms. Environmental pollution is caused by overpopulation In former times, nature liked the superb picture with pure streams, pristine plants, and rocks, splendid scenery, now it seems like the broken mass. Floristic compositions have been destroyed seriously within several days or even hours. Botanists recognized clearly these unbelievable changes when they had discovered no rare medicinal plants, no dark green big trees, no birds and many other species in the large forests.

 The nature in the world today is so dark and bleak! Briefly, it is everybody’s duty to restore somewhat the features of natures. Don’t hesitate to act today for the high-flying future tomorrow!

Overpopulation has affected nature

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